Hakuna Majiwe Beach Lodge, Zanzibar

Paje, South East Coast, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Hakuna Majiwe

Unforgettable.. that's what your holiday experience is meant to be!

Hakuna Majiwe, which literally translates to "place without stones", is a site so tranquil that we decided to name our resort after it. Submit to the tranquillity, bid the chaos goodbye, bask in the breeze of the ocean, and soak in the warmth of the sun.

Cocooned within the palm trees of Zanzibar's East Coast, away from the bustle of the city, along a stretch of picture-perfect coastline, lies our abode.

An idyllic retreat with gorgeous white sandy beaches, oscillating palm trees, a seemingly endless turquoise ocean, 
jaw-droppingly beautiful sunsets – You will be tempted to instantly kick off your shoes and walk barefoot along the stretches of the 6 kilometres white sand beach. 
You can relax in the simple fauna & flora along colourful coral reefs and you may have just stepped into your dream holiday escape in this African island paradise.

Accommodation at our Resort in Zanzibar

The 20 beach bungalows offering relaxing comfort, functional room features, peace & privacy of Hakuna Majiwe Beach Lodge, are spread out along this quiet palm-fringed beach, each leading straight onto the hourglass fine sands and jade waters of the Indian Ocean. The bungalows pay homage to our host culture, mixing thatched roofs and wooden floors with the intricate ornamental vidaka plasterwork of the Swahili Coast, to create a space that is both shamba chic and authentic in style.


An evolving menu of Swahili-Zanzibari cuisine using locally-sourced ingredients is freshly prepared with International flair every day, paired with carefully selected wines and juices, to create lasting culinary experiences, for you to enjoy and remember.

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